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The Fourteenth or XIV Legion, is one of Rome's elite Legions in Ryse: Son of Rome and is lead by Commander Vitallion. Marius Titus later becomes a revered leader within this legion.

Sometime before the events of Ryse, the Fourteenth campaigned in Britannia under Vitallion and General Leontius, and soon thereafter earned a reputation as the toughest legion in all of the empire.


Soldiers of the Fourteenth are first seen in Chapter I, but chronologically appear in Chapter II first.

In Chapter II, Vitallion and the Fourteenth Legion happen to be garrisoned in Rome when a barbarian force infiltrates the city and begins rampaging, slaughtering civilians and targeting members of the senate. Units of the Fourteenth are dispatched within the city and quickly eliminate the barbarians to the last man.

The Battle of Dover

In Chapter III, sometime after the barbarian attack on Rome, the Fourteenth are dispatched to Britannia to reinforce the Legions posted there and crush a massive barbarian rebellion lead by King Oswald. As the Fourteenth's fleet approaches to dock at Dover, it is soon revealed that the rebels have already seized the castle and raise the harbor chain to block the fleet's entry, and several incoming ships are crushed against the barrier. A small contingent of troops wash up ashore and desperately attempt to advance up the beach and seize the chain tower, but are rendered combat ineffective when they are divided and their Centurion is killed. Marius Titus, a newcomer and Vitallion's protege, manages to rally what troops he can and assumes leadership and together the small force successfully takes the chain tower and clears the way for the rest of the Fourteenth to disembark and engage the enemy. Marius assumes the duty of leading the charge, and his force breaks through the barbarian defenses and destroys the siege weapons that are being used to suppress the landing forces, and at that the rest of the Fourteenth storms ashore and floods into the castle, winning the battle.

The Fourteenth are then ordered to march for York to reinforce General Commodus and the Sixth Legion, and slowly but steadily fight their way through the rebel heartland, winning numerous bloody battles along the way.

Capture of Oswald

In Chapter IV, just before the Fourteenth reaches York, Vitallion receives word of a large barbarian army approaching to rally with King Oswald's own force, and leads the greater Fourteenth to engage the approaching army while Marius, now a Centurion, leads a contingent to seize an aqueduct that has fallen into rebel hands and capture Oswald at his throne in the adjacent hill. Marius once again leads his men to victory and the capture of Oswald and his daughter Boudica potentially spells the end of the rebellion.

Upon reaching York with the captives, the Fourteenth is then ordered by Basillius, Comodus' brother, to march northward into Scotland and recover his brother who was captured and traded to the Horned King.

Rescue of Commodus

In Chapter V, the Fourteenth has marched far beyond the borders of the Empire, to a dark and forsaken forest known as "Glott's Hop" where the Horned King dwells. Vitallion and Marius slowly lead the Legion into the ominous darkness, and are ambushed at a narrow bridge by a tribe of masked "Minotaurs" where Vitallion is captured and the bridge is destroyed, preventing the rest of the Legion from rescuing their captured comrades. Marius however, survives the ambush, and on his own manages to free most of his troops and kills the Horned King, Glott, before freeing Vitallion and rescuing General Commodus.

With their General now safe, the Fourteenth returns to York and garrisons the city in preparation for King Oswald's submission, and the declaration of peace.

The Fall of York

In Chapter VI, just as it seem the war is over, Commodus betrays and murders King Oswald, leading to the barbarian army launching a full-scale assault on York, laying siege to the city and storming the walls. The Fourteenth struggle to repel the attack, but under Marius' leadership effectively hold back the storm for some time before the barbarian horde breaches the city. The Fourteenth then begins tactically retreating to the docks while holding back the barbarian flood to ensure the city's populace is able to evacuate. Many good men are lost during the battle, and Marius himself heroically stays behind to lay down his life. The remnants of the Fourteenth successfully escape the city, but their departure means the end of the Roman occupation of Britannia, and the empire's northern frontier is lost back to barbarism.

Vitallion and the Fourteenth return to Rome defeated, and Vitallion's efforts to make the senate force Commodus to answer for his crime are fruitless. However, Marius, having survived the fall of York returns to Rome with vengeance in his heart, and assumes the mantle of Damocles to kill Commodus and Basillius, and avenges his Legion.

The Siege of Rome

In Chapter VIII, the Fourteenth is among all that is left of the Roman Legions and fights once again in the vary streets of Rome to drive out barbarian invaders, now lead by Boudica who has gathered all of Rome's enemies to destroy the empire. Marius, now a General, personally commands the Fourteenth during this final battle to decide the fate of civilization, and after Vitallion is slain early in the battle, Marius assumes command of the entire Roman army and leads the Fourteenth in a final desperate attempt to kill Boudica and turn the battle. After breaking through Boudica's inner guard, Marius defeats and decapitates Boudica, and regroups the remainder of his forces in the district around the Emperor's palace where they repel the barbarian waves until Boudica's severed head is displayed before the barbarian horde, and the invaders hastily retreat.