Ryse: Son of Rome Wiki

Scrolls are collectibles found on the bodies of dead Roman soldiers throughout the campaign. In order to spot these collectibles, approach dead bodies (usually hidden) and wait for a green glow to occur; if the body does not emit a green glow, then it does not contain a scroll.

Location of scrolls

Chapter I: The Beginning

  • Scroll #1: While crossing some wooden scaffolding to cross the broken bridge. Climb up, then look on the left for a short path leading to a fallen Roman soldier.

Chapter II: S.P.Q.R.

  • Scroll #2: After the cutscene leading Marius into an open courtyard, pass the sun dial and look in the shadows ahead for a dead soldier.
  • Scroll #3: Once Marius meets his father, eventually you will reach a group of soldiers protecting civilians in a courtyard with a reflecting pool. Run to the back right corner to find a body with a scroll.

Chapter III: Trial By Fire

  • Scroll #4: As the chapter starts, Marius will reach the deck of a wrecked ship smashed into the rock wall. Look in the left corner for the body of a Roman soldier carrying the first scroll.
  • Scroll #5: Jumping down onto the beach, fight the group of opponents, then search the debris on the right-most section of the shore to find another body.
  • Scroll #6: After forming a testudo formation to defend against the wall of archers, you’ll need to clear the courtyard. Look in the forward-center to find a dead Roman with a scroll.
  • Scroll #7: Once Marius destroys the gate mechanisms and drops the bridge, you’ll need to move up a small set of curved steps. On the right side of these steps, you’ll find another body.

Chapter IV: The King

  • Scroll #8: Entering an area where Marius is ambushed by barbarians with hanging Roman soldiers, move downstream to find a dead body on the left edge of the water.
  • Scroll #9: Moving through the piles of dead bodies, Marius will need to climb two ledges on the wooden scaffolding. Turn right to find a Roman soldier in the shadows before continuing on.
  • Scroll #10: Marius will be ambushed by archers while working his way up to the bridge. Deal with the archers, then explore the platform they were on to find a body between two stacks of barrels.
  • Scroll #11: Taking a second lift up to the top of the bridge construction, move forward until reaching several flowing red flags. To the right, under a small structure, is another dead Roman soldier.

Chapter V: Edge of the World

  • Scroll #12: Further in the chapter, you’ll be attacked by barbarians from the underground while archers shoot down above. In this area, look for a path leading right. Past the series of fallen or low tree legs, you’ll find the body of a dead soldier.
  • Scroll #13: Once the soldiers are free, you’ll continue down the cave path. After crossing a natural bridge, you should spot a fire ahead and to the right. Turn left instead, and move past the unlit campsite to find the body.
  • Scroll #14: After clearing a campsite later on, a flag marker will appear for Marius to lead the formation. Leave it and run forward through the open gate to find a body in the tall brush.
  • Scroll #15: The last scroll is located in the swamp village with the large roaring fire. Look for a hut to the left of the fire, the body is laying outside the entrance.

Chapter VI: Pax Romana

  • Scroll #16: Finish the battle on the courthouse roof, then drop down into the alleys below. Once you’re in control, move through the open gates to the left. Near a puddle of blood, you’ll find the scroll.
  • Scroll #17: Climbing up onto the wooden platform where Marius can view the shielded soldiers below, you’ll get an objective to take out the barbarian archers. Move along the scaffolding to find a dead end on the left.
  • Scroll #18: Once Marius saves some civilians, he’ll reach another street with a green-glowing wagon. Enter the open building near the wago — the one that’s on fire — and search the back corner.
  • Scroll #19: While climbing the wooden scaffolding to the left of the bridge where Roman soldiers are defending against waves of arrows from barbarian archers, look for a raised walkway leading to a floating platform underneath the bridge. A roman soldier is dead on the far edge.

Chapter VII: The Wrath of Nemesis

  • Scroll #20: At the start of the stage, you’ll enter a large courtyard with civilians crying over the dead. Stick to the left-most path to find a citizen lamenting a fallen Roman soldier with a scroll.
  • Scroll #21: Dropping down the stone path into the site of a massacre, look in the right corner near the ledge.
  • Scroll #22: When Marius returns to his Villa, pass by the doors and look on the left for a tented area around the corner.
  • Scroll #23: In the arena proper, drop off the staged ship and into the ankle-deep water below. Turn left and circle around to the back of the ship to find a floating Roman soldier.

Chapter VIII: Son of Rome

  • Scroll #24: The first scroll is located after moving upstairs and dealing with an enemy ambush. Once the bad guys are down, continue to the locked gate and kick it open. Down the steps, look right behind the pillar.
  • Scroll #25: Leaving the area, you’ll take a ramp down onto the ruined streets. Move toward a fallen pillar and jump it to find the second hidden body.
  • Scroll #26: Moving to the room with the red curtains, look along the left-hand wall for a dead soldier near the debris.
  • Scroll #27: Completing the elephant appearance, Marius will later take stairs down to a landing separated by a trench. Circle around the ruined stairs to find the final scroll.