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Hello everyone! WG4575 here. Everyone is excited for Ryse. And very few even are willing to go to the midnight release. But what should you do? I'm here to give you a guide to HOW TO SURVIVE THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!!!

  1. 1 - Bring a Handheld

Wheither it be a 3DS, PSVITA or any other handheld, this is a important one.

Not only does it keep you from being bored, but it passes time. The release is gonna be LONG, with people getting the Xbox One AND their games.

I would bring the PSVITA over the 3DS if you have one. It has more games and it has LittleBigPlanet!!! :D


Bring food! You are going to be STARVING out there if you don't grab a bite to eat. Bring a cooler full of drinks and sandwiches or something.

  1. 3 - Bring friends

Friends will do things for you others won't! So go with a friend!

That's really all I have accumulated. I will post more! This is just PART 1