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Platius was a Roman Senator and colleague of Leontius in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Platius, like Leontius, is a "man of the people" and openly speaks out against Emperor Nero, and attempts to incite the people to turn Rome back into a Republic.


Platius appears only in Chapter II and is seen making a speech at the amphitheater, unaware of a barbarian attack. Although Leontius and Marius rush to save him, as soon as they reach the amphitheatre, Platius is immediately struck in the neck by a barbarian's arrow and dies.

After Marius clears the amphitheater of barbarians, Leontius realizes that the barbarians know who he is and are hunting him and his associates.

Later during the story, Summer reveals to Marius that Platius, Leontius and his family were murdered under Emperor Nero's orders for speaking out against him, and that if they had succeeded Nero would have lost his throne, and power.