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The Oracle is a spiritually touched Caledonian woman in Ryse: Son of Rome and is a minor but central character. Her true name is unknown.


Her origins are unknown, but the Chronicle found throughout Chapter V reveals that she was a member of the Minotaur tribe of Caledonia and is described by Vitallion as being "Glott's whore." In the Chronicle, she foretells Commodus' death in the Colosseum, at the hand of a man who is already dead, then spits blood in Commodus' face. Enraged, Commodus threatens that he will give her to his brother as a toy.


Although the events are unseen, it is clear that Commodus fulfilled his threat after he was rescued and presented the captured Oracle to his bother Basillius, who took her as a concubine, and kept her tied up in his chambers.

She only appears during Chapter VII, at first only glimpsed during a cutscene in the middle of the chapter and is seen kissing another woman. Later, after Marius Titus kills Basillius, Marius finds her tied up in a dark corner, and she offers to tell him his fate if he releases her, and he cuts her loose. She then foretells that; "Damocles shall be slain by the great General Marius. That general shall be slain by Damocles. But Emperor Nero, he can only die by his own sword. You cannot kill him". She then wanders off into the shadows and is never seen again.

All three of her prophecies are later fulfilled when Marius, disguised as Damocles, beheads Commodus in the Colosseum and later, on a suicidal rampage that ends in his own death, tackles Nero off a ledge, and Nero is impaled on the sword of his own statue.


  • Oracle's throughout history are referred to as conduits for spirits and the gods who can foretell events that will transpire, often cryptically or ambiguously.