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Keenan is a Briton barbarian soldier in King Oswald's army in Ryse: Son of Rome.


He only appears in Chapter IV and his name can be entirely missed if the player rushes. He uses a generic character model and voice, and cannot be distinguished from other barbarians.

Keenan and Alistair are among the first 3 barbarians encountered in the chapter, the third appears to be an officer and barks orders at them. After the officer gives them their orders and asks if they have any questions, Keenan sarcastically responds "What time is it?" at which point the officer calls him by name "Shut your mouth Keenan!" and then tells him to go set traps and guard the paths. He then calls Alistair by name when he says "Alistair, you stay her with me".

Keenan and Alistair can both be killed on this initial encounter if the player immediately jumps down from the ledge and initiates a fight with them. If not, Keenan leaves to go carry out his orders and can survive the chapter, but Alistair must be killed in order to proceed.

If Keenan is allowed to leave, he can be encountered again along the paths through the forest having a conversation with another barbarian. Again, Keenan can be killed now if the player rushes into the fight, but if the conversation is allowed to progress, Keenan says that he's going to the aqueduct to reinforce the guards Boudica has posted there and is not seen again.


  • Keenan is the only character in the game whose fate is player determinant.
  • The name Keenan is actually of Irish origin, not British, making Keenan the only known character in the game that is of Irish descent.