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Honorata is Marius Titus' younger sister, and the daughter of Leontius and Septima.

She only appears in Chapter II, but has no spoken dialogue and is not encountered while still alive. Her name is never mentioned during the story and is only revealed in the Chronicle that can be found throughout Chapter II.

Marius and Leontius find Honorata and her mother lying dead in the reflecting pool of their villa's courtyard, moments after being slain by barbarians. Upon seeing their corpses, Leontius angrily declares that he will kill every last one of the barbarians and rushes forward and kills the next one he sees.

When returning home to the villa in Chapter VII, Marius remembers finding her body and relives the moment in an out of body experience. Diana then appears and reveals to Marius that she was murdered under Emperor Nero's orders, who sought to kill Leontius and his entire family for inciting the public against him.