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Glott, also know as The Horned King, is a Caledonian barbarian and chieftain of the Minotaur Tribe. He is a minor antagonist in Ryse: Son of Rome.


Glott is a horrific savage, painted in the blood of his foes. He and his tribe dwell in a dark and secluded forest in northern Britannia, and his domain is known as "Glott's Hop", as stated by Vitallion. He is a tall and muscular brute, with a horrific appearance as he wears armor made of bones and a skull helmet with long dreadlocks. He terrifies his foes by roaring and speaking in his primitive tongue, and this combined with his appearance makes him appear as more beast than man to the Romans.

He wields a curved two-handed axe, and according to a scroll found in Chapter V, Glott and his tribe's shamans believe that blood strengthens the power of his axe.

In the Chronicle found throughout Chapter V, the Oracle is revealed to have been apart of Glott's tribe and is described by Vitallion as being "Glott's whore".

King Oswald trades the captured General Commodus to Glott, who in term plans to build a Wicker Man and sacrifice Commodus by burning him alive.


Glott appears only in Chapter V: Edge of the World and is the chapter's boss.

He first appears when Marius Titus and Vitallion are ambushed at a bridge immediately after crossing into the Minotaur Tribe's territory. He is the last to emerge from out of the darkness and quickly subdues both Marius and Vitallion, then gestures to his minions to take Vitallion away to be sacrificed. He then finishes Marius off by kicking him off the cliff, but Marius survives the fall and sets off to rescue Vitallion and the other prisoners.

He is later seen by a fire as he lights a torch and casts it into a cage full of captured Roman soldiers, sacrificing them as part of his barbaric ritual. Marius and his men race to stop Glott and his shamans as they begin to burn more cages filled with their comrades throughout the swamp, and manage to rescue them. Marius then leads his men deeper into the swamp to the base of the Wicker man, where Glott's throne resides, along with the remainder of the captured Romans.

Glott Severed Head.jpg

As Marius approaches the Wicker Man alone, Glott ferociously roars when he sees the Centurion is still alive, and throws a torch setting the Wicker Man ablaze while Vitallion and others are trapped inside. Marius bravely faces the Horned King in a grueling battle as the burning Wicker Man begins to collapse on top of them, and although he summons all of his strength to defeat the Roman, Glott is soon bested and impaled on Marius' sword. Glott falls to his knees mortally wounded, and Marius brutally avenges his comrades by decapitating Glott. After Vitallion and the other prisoners are freed, Marius looks upon Glott's severed head, and only now see his face for the first time and knows that he is only a man, and at that Vitallion states that "Sometimes a man must look past what he thinks he sees".


Glott's character model is available as a costume for the multiplayer gladiator with the purchase of the corresponding DLC, however this is only cosmetic and he must still fight using a sword and shield.


  • Due to the nature of the Minotaur Tribe's rituals, Glott and his people appear to be of the Celtic Pagan religion, which was the primary religion of the British isles before Christianisation. However, Roman Julius Caesar’s claims of the wickerman rituals among other shocking aspects of the religion have come under scrutiny of modern historians.
  • Notably, Glott is the only barefoot enemy encountered throughout the whole of the game.