Marius performing an execution

Marius performing an execution

Executions in Ryse: Son of Rome, are performed to regenerate Marius Titus/your Health and to generate Focus, XP, and Damage.


Morior ProEdit

This execution is To Die For.

Vital blow: Stab clean through the throat.

Votum PositusEdit

The first step to eternal life is to die. Assume the Prayer Position to ensure your enemy's final journey.

Vital blow: Kneeling upward thrust from back to front.

Est ut Brachium Meum?Edit

Is That My Arm?

Vital blows: Stunning left-arm amputation, shield smash, thrust to the chest.

Haud Poena, Haud LucrumEdit

No Pain, No Gain.

Vital blows: Stab to the abdomen, stab to the kidney.

Deos Fortioribus AdesseEdit

The Gods are on the Side of the Stronger.

Vital blows: Slice to the hand, high-flying shield smash.

Viduata PlasmatorEdit

Widow Maker: Your enemy's woman and children will cover their faces and weep.

Vital blows: Thrust to the chest, groin kick, left-arm amputation, flying shield smash.

Denique OblivioEdit

Banish your opponent to Final Oblivion.

Vital blows: Double slashes to the torso, slash to the leg.

Meus Venter VulneroEdit

My Tummy Hurts. Double execution.

Vital blows: Belly slice, run through the gut.

Arms RaceEdit

This execution is nuclear. Double execution.

Vital blows: Stab through the abdomen, right-arm amputation.

Demones DamnaitEdit

Your enemies will become Condemned Demons with this execution. Double Execution.

Vital blows: Thrust to the abdomen, left-arm amputation.

Romanorum MutilatioEdit

Roman Mutilation is fitting for any enemy of Rome. Double execution.

Vital blows: Multiple shield strikes, left-arm amputation.

Revertus ut PulverisEdit

And in the end, you shall be Returned to Dust. Double Execution.

Vital blows: Left-hand amputation, flying pommel smahs to the face, slash to the arm, flying kick.