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The Colosseum or Coliseum announcer is an unseen character in Ryse: Son of Rome.

His name is unknown. His primary role is in multiplayer, but he is included in 1 chapter during the story.

During Chapter VII, he commentates Commodus' gladiatorial tournament in the Colosseum, hyping up the crowd and narrating the backstory to the pseudo-historical recreation that the gladiators are performing to "emulate Commodus' deeds". He directly challenges Marius, disguised as Damocles, at the beginning of the tournament, thus contributing to Marius becoming the fan favorite to the point where even Emperor Nero began to admire his fighting spirit. He ceases his commentary when Marius and Commodus begin their duel and is never heard again.


The Colosseum announcer is very active in multiplayer, constantly praising or shunning the player gladiator's actions and announcing when the next objective of the match starts.