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In Ryse: Son of Rome, there are three types of collectibles. These include Vistas, Scrolls and Chronicles. Each level of the campaign has a different amount of each collectible and can be found by looking in locations off the beating path.



Main article: Vistas

Vistas are round metal objects that resemble shields. They can be viewed in the Collectibles section of the menu and contain screenshots of memorable locations throughout the game world.


Main article: Scrolls

Scrolls are the "dog tags" of Ryse. They are often located on the bodies of dead Roman soldiers. They can be viewed to learn interesting backstory on several characters by selecting them in the Collectibles section of the menu.


Main article: Chronicles

Chronicles are the most numerous of collectibles in the campaign. They are buckets of documents that glow green when you are near them. Collecting Chronicles unlocks comics related to Ryse: Son of Rome, which provides backstory on many characters and events. They can be viewed in the Collectibles section of the menu. It should be noted that the Chronicles are not always consistent with the game story and several characters in the story appear differently in the comics.