Ryse: Son of Rome Wiki

Chronicles, just like the vistas and scrolls, can be found in various locations throughout the campaign. Obtaining these collectible unlocks comics that are related to the story of the game.

Location of chronicles

Chapter I: The Beginning

  • Chronicle #1: After entering the palace and getting the objective to escort Nero to the vault, you’ll reach an impressive hallway with two sword-wielding statues. In the very next room, turn left and look in the dark alcove around the corner.
  • Chronicle #2: Entering another impressive view of the palace, Nero will hide at the top of the stairs. Continue back up the steps to the hall on the left. In the far back corner, look at the balcony overlooking the interior.
  • Chronicle #3: Back with Nero, move up the stairs to his right. Around the first large pillar, on the left, you’ll find another chronicle.

Chapter II: S.P.Q.R.

  • Chronicle #4: Following a cutscene with a strange woman, you’ll appear in a courtyard with a sun dial. In the shadows ahead, grab the scroll from the dead soldier, then take a turn right. In the corner, near a gate, you can find the documents behind a fountain.
  • Chronicle #5: Once Marius cuts the rope on the bridge, he’ll need to climb down wooden scaffolding into a home. Leave to earn a checkpoint, then turn right. Follow the right wall to an inset door with the chronicle.
  • Chronicle #6: Moving through a dark alleyway while Marius has the objective to drop the bridge. While moving through the path full of wreckage, look for an offshoot dead end on the right. Behind the hand cart, you’ll find a chronicle collectible.

Chapter III: Trial By Fire

  • Chronicle #7: Crossing the weather deck of the first wrecked ship, drop down through a hole into the lower section, and turn around to find a chronicle in the darkness.
  • Chronicle #8: Jumping down onto the shore, stay near the water and move forward. Circle around the spiked rocks to find a hidden alcove with the second chronicle.
  • Chronicle #9: Moving up, archers will fire down on the Romans. Deal with the enemies and look in the dark alcove up the hill, on the left.
  • Chronicle #10: Another testudo formation area is ahead of the beach. Before entering the group, look on the right of the fortified beach.
  • Chronicle #11: Completing the testudo formation sequence, Marius will be tasked with killing the archers in the area. Once the courtyard is clear, look on the right side of the platform with the Roman soldiers.
  • Chronicle #12: After clearing the archers, a new road will open up. Hug the right wall to find a narrow passage leading to a hidden chronicle.

Chapter IV: The King

  • Chronicle #13: Dealing with the first enemy encounter, Marius will need to duck under a fallen tree. Continue down the left-hand path to find the chronicle near a wrecked boat.
  • Chronicle #14: Moving by more massive rocks, Marius will near to push through to reach a narrow pathway through the forest. Just after passing by two white circular markers on the rocks, look for a dark alcove on your right.
  • Chronicle #15: Marius will eventually find a gruesome massacre sight where piles of bodies impede progress. Move through the bodies and climb the wooden structure until reaching a room with the objective crate inside. Don’t grab it, instead search behind a desk opposite the crate.
  • Chronicle #16: Taking the lift up onto the bridge construction scaffolding, move and look right down the path. Nearby, hop over the low barrier.
  • Chronicle #17: Entering a dark cave, continue on until finding a corpse lit by sunlight pouring through the open roof. Behind the rocks, circle around to find a hidden chronicle.
  • Chronicle #18: After using the testudo formation to defend against archers, Marius will deal with the enemies and regroup with the Romans outside a large door. Search the left wall of the cave right next to the waiting soldiers.

Chapter V: Edge of the World

  • Chronicle #19: At the start of the level, Marius will be with a group of Roman soldiers. They’ll ask him to move on, but don’t yet. Turn around and look against the left while walking up the hill to find hidden papers in the grass, behind the unit.
  • Chronicle #20: Continuing on, the soldiers will comment on seeing an animal running away in the mist — an animal with two legs. Move up the rocks to find the chronicles in the brush.
  • Chronicle #21: After taking out the barbarian at the campfire, climb the hill to the right after hopping the fallen log. Upward, look left as the road opens up to find a chronicle in the brush.
  • Chronicle #22: Dropping into another campsite with a burning fire in the center, deal with the cave-dwelling barbarians, then search the raised rock face on the left edge of the waterfall.
  • Chronicle #23: Once the first group of Roman soldiers are saved, you’ll need to fight down until the soldiers need Marius to get into position. Ignore them for now, and move down into a watery trench below. Run all the way to the dead end to find a well-hidden chronicle.
  • Chronicle #24: Freeing another set of soldiers in the swamp area, step outside the spiked fence and look left of the road.

Chapter VI: Pax Romana

  • Chronicle #25: At the start, after the first fight on the rooftop, you’ll move through an alley onto a larger street. Pass by the vista collectible, and look left for an entrance into a pub. The document is hidden between two tables.
  • Chronicle #26: Using the green-glowing cart to free civilians from the burning building, circle around the docks to find an entrance into a small bakey with the chronicle near one of the abandoned ovens.
  • Chronicle #27: At the bridge where a formation of Romans are defending against archers, turn around and enter the small path left leading to an overlook with the chronicle.
  • Chronicle #28: Entering the market, look for a white crate to climb up onto the platform above. Turn left, then turn left again to find this hidden chronicle.
  • Chronicle #29: Later on, while moving up a ramp between the houses, you’ll get a good view of the river, and the burning town. Instead of turning left, look right to find the collectible.
  • Chronicle #30: Back on a rooftop, when Marius gets the objective to reach the defense line, follow the taller exterior wall around.

Chapter VII: The Wrath of Nemesis

  • Chronicle #31: Leave the courtyard with the crying citizens and climb up the wooden ramp. Taking a turn, you’ll see a view of the city with hanging posts scattered about. Look in the alcove to the right to find the bundle.
  • Chronicle #32: After encountering Roman guards in the garden, follow the right-most wall to find a set of planters. Hop over the pots to find a cleverly hidden chronicle collectible.
  • Chronicle #33: Complete the turret sequence and break down the closed gate. As you pass through, turn right and look behind the greenery.
  • Chronicle #34: Inside the underground of the Colosseum, men are practicing in the dark halls. Reaching a long hall with pillars, look to the right for stacks of boxes and cages. Circle around the debris to find the chronicle.
  • Chronicle #35: Clear the far wooden platform of the arena and step up the ramp. Look right for an area covered with crates. Hop over the boxes to discover a hidden collectible stashed away.
  • Chronicle #36: After leaving the arena, Marius will need to reach the aquaduct. Don’t hurry off just yet, look in the green area ahead, past the trees, to find a chronicle tucked away under the shrubbery.

Chapter VIII: Son of Rome

  • Chronicle #37: During the section where Marius needs to gather Roman reinforcements, move up the steps and turn left. Climb over the line of crates to find a collectible in the back right corner of the hall.
  • Chronicle #38: After fighting barbarians, kicking open a locked door, and moving down a ramp to the street, look for the waiting Roman soldiers. Don’t join them yet, instead look for a wooden barrier to the right of the ramp. Cut it down and you’ll find a chronicle straight ahead.
  • Chronicle #39: When someone shouts, “We need to clear a way through!” as you pass through a ruined plaza, look for a white statue. Look right for an opening in the debris, and continue around the junk on the right to find a missing chronicle.
  • Chronicle #40: In the courtyard with the reflecting pool, Marius will get an objective to reach the Riverside. Instead, look on the left wall for a hidden passage behind a red curtain.
  • Chronicle #41: Entering a back alley with screaming citizens lamenting the invasion of Rome, look right as you step by a wooden fence.
  • Chronicle #42: On the road with the detailed white patterns, move toward the arch filled with debris on the right. To the right of the archway, open the gate and turn right again to find a wooden barrier. Cut it down to find the last chronicle.